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The Structural Timber Association (STA) prides itself on its member companies’ commitment to excellent service and products.

All structural timber building system suppliers are required to undergo a business management systems audit prior to becoming a full member of the STA, to comply with our Code of Conduct and the STA Assure Membership and Quality Standards.

In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with an STA member, we would advise the following:

1.    Try to resolve the dispute directly with the STA member involved
2.    If point (1) has not resolved the issue, complete and return the STA Complaint Form. (Please see details below about the scope of this service, this is in line with the STA Complaints Procedure)
3.    If points (1) and (2) have not resolved the issue, the parties may wish to consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Making a member complaint to the STA
We can help consumers who have a dispute with a STA member company with a free correspondence-based service whereby we will endeavour to reconcile dissatisfied consumers with member companies. A consumer is defined as a private individual who has entered into a contract with a member, and has not made the contract in the course of a business.

While STA members must meet certain criteria to obtain STA membership, it in itself does not offer any guarantee on the individual products. This service covers structural timber construction or manufacturing activity in the UK by current members of the STA.

Below are examples of areas where the STA is not able to assist:-

•    We are unable to assist if the trader/company has ceased to be a member of the STA.
•    We are unable to assist with disputes that do not relate to products manufactured or installed by STA members.
•    We are not responsible for paying compensation or making a financial award.
•    We cannot become involved if either party has commenced legal proceedings or employed/involved a third party to resolve the dispute for example a solicitor, Trading Standards or another trade body.
•    We are unable to offer site inspections as part of this service but subject to agreement with the STA member, we may be able to help signpost to independent technical experts with extensive experience in the industry. There is a charge for these services.
•    Where the product or work in question has been manufactured or carried out more than 4 years ago.
•    Where the product or work in question has been manufactured or carried outside of the UK.

How does the complaints procedure work?

To raise a complaint please complete the Complaints Form and return it to Bob Davis, Membership Manager at

Upon receiving a complaint it will be logged in the STA Complaints Register (Document 007.2) and flagged for action by the Operations Committee at the next bi-monthly meeting.

The Operations Committee maintains an independent perspective on all complaints received and the STA can assure all complainants of a fair assessment once all relevant information has been assessed.

The Operations Committee will then respond with relevant corrective action requirements to resolve the matter.