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Membership & Quality Standards Update

We have updated the STA Membership and Quality Standards Guidance to reflect the changes that have occurred to STA Assure over 2018/19 .

* Structural Timber Building system Suppliers ( STBSS ) –The increased recognition of STA Assure levels for STBS members (i.e bronze, silver or gold level) by third-party organisations is the driving reason for the introduction of an independent third-party assessment to the certification process.

In order to achieve a robust, consistent and transparent declaration method for STA Assure, it has been necessary to replace the previous self-assessment method for STBS members. Under self-assessment, members were able to determine their STA Assure level against a listed criteria of certifications, STA Policies, and in-place in-house processes. This form of self-assessment has now been fully removed for STBS members; and a year of independent assessment has now been completed or programmed . The originally listed criteria have now been removed from this document and the corresponding forms on the STA website.

The new third-party assessment requirements for STA Assure are built on the original requirements and the levels of attainment are similarly consistent.

From the 1st Feb 2019 STBSS members can only use STA Erector/Installers that have 66% of their workforce accredited through the Timber frame Competency scheme ( TFCS) This is incorporated into their minimum Bronze standard.

* Erectors/Installers – must have 66% of their work force accredited through TFCS and this is written into their minimum bronze STA assure level.
* Minimum Engineering Design Quality Assurance procedures.- Technical note 19 – STA Assure Engineering Compliance – NHBC endorsement and change to Chapter 6.23 of the NHBC technical design standards and how this fits into STA audit of assure Gold STBSS member level .

The Membership & Quality Standards Feb 2019 V2.0 has been simplified to reflect the current status and is updated on the STA website page

The members listing on the website now shows each members STA Assure status and Sitesafe Accredited.


STA Assure Review – from now until 1st April 2019

It has been a while since we have had the chance to consider all aspects of STA Assure and how this aligns with all STA Members business and stakeholders.

With the success of the Timber Frame Competency Scheme (TFCS) and having reached the milestone of all STBS (Structural Timber Building System) members programmed to be audited for their respective levels and Sitesafe compliance ,we are now in a position to evaluate all experiences of the current process. Over the year we have received feedback on the Manufacturing audit and will now want to consider how we can adapt and identify improvements without damaging the integrity of the Industry recognition gained.

Future developments that will feed into the review

 * New Site safe on line registration process – simplification of registering all projects. Launch early spring 2019.

 * Update to the STA template for the manufacture of open Timber frame panels incorporating pre insulated and closed panel systems & CLT.

 * Design Workbooks – previously launched last year will have on line tests for candidates to gain accreditation ( similar to TFCS & anticipated ready by 1st April 2019)

 * STA Erector/Installer workbook modules for Sips and CLT to be added this Spring.

* Manufacturing Workbooks - previously launched last year will have on line tests for candidates to gain accreditation ( similar to TFCS)

* Appoint a new STA Assure Director to lead & coordinate all matters STA Assure- recognising the importance we give this subject.

 Update on Erectors /Installers Timber Frame Competency Accreditation Scheme (TFCAS)

150 STA Erector/Installer member companies have participated in this training scheme.
We have as of today nearly 900 people registered and 600 of whom have completed and been awarded with TFCAS.
A huge congratulations to all that have made this such a success!

The scheme is reaching all corners of the UK and many educational &training providers are using the workbooks and adding them into their curriculum.
If you know of a college that would like to take this up then please put them in touch with Bob Davis at

We stand behind our deadline of 31 Jan 2019 to ensure that under STA Assure and the revision of the Members Quality Guidance that STBSS members must us STA Erector/Installers and that they need to have 66% of their workforce TFCS accredited.

Please note that this is now listed under STA Assure as a minimum Bronze requirement for both Manufacturers and Erector/Installer members.
As part of the 2 month review of STA assure we will continue to evaluate the TFCS and how we audit this going forward after 1st April 2019.

All STA Erector/Installers that comply should now register their company on the STA members area of the website as either STA Assure Bronze, Silver or Gold and a Membership Certificate & STA Assure logo will be then available to download showing your STA Assure status. This in turn will be your evidence on record of your attainment.

Simply log into the members secure area using your username and password and go into “Tools” and then “edit my profile”
Anyone needing help on this should call Bob Davis 07889 702559 .. it’s a two minute job and we would encourage all to add this STA Assure endorsement to their company details.

Once again many thanks for your support on TFCAS and keep spreading the STA Assure message of 'defining the standards of structural timber'.