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Twitter19 May International Environment Minister Lord Zak Goldsmith spoke to @BuildingNews about increasing the use of timber in… May In a recent Q&A with @BuildingNews, Lord Zak Goldsmith, International Environment Minister and Chair of the Timber… May The STA believes that factual data based on third party research is the best way to dispel the common misconception… May As the Government works to 'build back greener', the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) in partnership with W…

Structural Timber News


16th May 2022
The STA was invited to speak at the NHBC's 'Building for tomorrow' events in London, Solihull, Swindon, Leeds and Glasgow throughout April to discuss Timber Frame Construction for the Future. NHBC's 'Building for tomorrow'...

STA launches white paper to increase the use of timber

13th April 2022
The Structural Timber Association (STA) has released a white paper “Increased Use of Timber” that demonstrates the vital role timber has in helping the UK achieve Net Zero status by 2050.

UK Construction Minister visits ground-breaking, low-carbon timber building in London

5th April 2022
As the Government works to 'build back greener', the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) in partnership with Waugh-Thistleton Architects have hosted the UK Construction Minister Lee Rowley, on a site visit to the Black and White building. ...

BLOG - The role of timber in the construction of healthy buildings

4th April 2022
Andrew Carpenter, CEO of the Structural Timber Association, explains how the use of timber in building construction can be beneficial for occupants and their well-being. On average, we spend around 90%...

Greater use of timber calls for pragmatism to keep insurers happy

9th February 2022
The construction and insurance industries must work together if we are to increase the use of structural timber that is safe and cost effective, says Andrew Carpenter. Increasing the use of structural timber is vital in the quest to...

Construction membranes deliver hidden protection and thermal efficiency benefits

25th January 2022
A combination of wall construction membranes from Glidevale Protect has been installed across two social housing developments, designed and built by modular construction specialists Connect Modular, part of The Wee House Group. The mix...

Structural Timber Association responds to the Government’s Net Zero strategy

25th November 2021
The Structural Timber Association (STA) has welcomed the Government's Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener, which places a firm emphasis on reducing the embodied carbon of buildings by adopting more sustainable materials, such as timber. ...

One Manchester Sets High Standards for Energy Efficiency

25th November 2021
Construction membranes from Glidevale Protect have been installed throughout a flagship low carbon newbuild development for social housing provider, One Manchester, helping meet stringent airtightness and energy efficiency targets. ...

Is timber the solution to the housing crisis?

18th November 2021
Local authorities throughout the UK are facing great difficulty as they attempt to rapidly increase their housing stock and deliver affordable homes, whilst also meeting environmental targets. Here, Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the...

Guest blog: Timber around the world

11th November 2021
Growing the use of mass timber in Canada It's not just the UK that stands to benefit from the wider adoption of structural timber building solutions. In fact, there are a number of countries which could also use the material...

Timber around the world - England V Scotland

3rd November 2021
Across the globe, there are many examples of countries that have embraced the use of structural timber, yet the situation in the UK is rather more complicated. The uptake of timber varies enormously between the home nations – with...

Timber around the world - Mass timber in the USA – part 2

25th October 2021
Q&A with Jake Concannon, Vice President of Gallagher Global In the second part of our Q&A with Gallagher Global’s Vice President, Jake Concannon, we learn more about how the insurance sector...

Timber around the world - Mass timber in the USA – part 1

18th October 2021
Q&A with Jake Concannon, Vice President at Gallagher Global Many nations across the world have adopted timber as their primary building material, yet the UK lags well behind. Over the coming months we will be asking why this...

RIBA updates the 2030 Climate Challenge

10th October 2021
Jess Hrivnak, Sustainable Development Adviser at RIBA, explains the changes that have been made to the 2030 Climate Challenge, in light of new performance data. Why is the RIBA's 2030 Climate Challenge important? The UK built...

Renovation Wood

25th September 2021
Here, Paul Brannen, CEI-Bois & Chair of the Timber Sector Group planning for COP 26, looks at Europe's carbon capture and storage mechanism. As a climate warning, it could hardly have been starker; "I want...