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Site Safe

Developed over many years to support our members and provide the service that customers and industry stakeholders expect of a professional building system provider

Site Safe policy is mandatory for building system supply members  simply because it ensures that its members fulfil their CDM duties in relation to fire safety. It makes them aware of their legal obligations and provides support to their customers. By following the Site Safe policy members provide support for their insurance and engages with the customer to enable the opportunity for the best outcome for a project.

In line with CDM regulations the Site Safe Policy is applicable for all projects regardless of size and location. The scale and position of a project will influence the depth and scope of the outputs needed; but the processes are the same. 

The policy is for a structural timber building system members - including manufacturers, fabricators and contractors - plus erector/installer members (who may also work directly with principle contractors /clients).

The policy has three added requirements to the CDM obligations that make it unique to the STA and provides essential protection for the members. 

First the site being provided to a customer must be registered on the  National Fire Chiefs Council web site  when a project is over 600m2, although for good housekeeping the STA recommend all projects are registered. This registration provides evidence that the project is known to the fire service and HSE so that communication aspects of the CDM regulations are adhered to and that for complex large schemes an understanding of the site for incident attendance is predetermined for the benefit of all. A safe site set up correctly at the start is a more efficient and avoids costly delays and cost overruns for the customer.

Secondly the handover of the building system provides for the member to fulfil their obligations for hand over fire in service information that may be part of the members contract to supply. The final as built project requires a hand over pack for the building owner on as built fire safety items such as fire stopping and cavity barrier locations and type. The Site Safe policy document provides a method to undertake this and to safeguard the member from future disputes on the presence or not of fire safety elements.

Finally the policy is to be embedded in the company quality procedures which in turn means the STA member can demonstrate to its customer best practice procedures which are independently audited under the site safe policy procedures.

STA Members can access all Site Safe documents in the technical library