The Structural Timber Association exists to represent the collective interest of its members by providing confidence in the use of structural timber across the construction industry

The STA works to influence legislation and regulation, supporting the collective objectives of the structural timber sector. Connecting construction professionals, we support and collaborate with members to showcase the many benefits of structural timber. The STA provides exclusive member benefits including the STA Assure Quality Assurance Scheme, research and testing, networking opportunities, and direct engagement with government and industry bodies.





Why Use Structural Timber?

The ultimate natural building material, well known for its versatility, sustainability, and high-performance, structural timber also offers extensive benefits in terms of, speed, efficiency, and environmental impact.

  • Low embodied carbon
  • High levels of offsite construction offer pre-manufactured value
  • Proven systems through research and testing
  • Reduced vulnerability to skill shortages
  • Sustainable managed resource
  • Systems offer design flexibility and versatility
  • Quicker build times mean faster return on investment
  • Brings predictability and greater control to the construction process
  • Reduction of waste through the efficient use of materials
Structural Timber Systems manufactured in factory control environment.


As the UK’s leading organisation representing the structural timber sector and associated supply chain companies, we represent over 950 members supplying proven quality structural timber systems.


Join our 950+ strong base of members of structural timber technology and system providers, from across the UK.

Our Quality Assurance Scheme was developed to provide evidence of excellence in the structural timber industry.

We are a community of members committed to the sustainable use of structural timber, backed by our unique quality assurance programme.


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The STA host and support various events throughout the UK and online, aimed to inform, inspire and spread best practice on structural timber technology.


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Structural Timber School Project

Why Use An STA Member?

Our stringent quality assurance programme is specifically designed to offer reassurances to both clients and stakeholders that all STA member companies operate to an independently audited quality standard.

  • STA Assure accreditation assures competent management processes
  • Both manufacturing processes and site installation are part of the STA Assure audit process 
  • STA Assure has three levels of accreditation based on quality standards 
  • Mandatory adherence to the Site Safe Scheme is a fundamental part of STA Assure 
  • STA Assure has formal recognition from all leading UK warranty providers
  • Independently certified competency scheme created and managed by STA 
  • STA are committed to the continuous improvement of the STA Assure quality programme
Structural Timber Association Documents

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