Ensuring our members are kept up to date with the latest regulations relating to structural timber construction

Along with our extensive library of technical documents relating to the performance of structural timber, the STA understands the impact and consequences of Building Regulations.

Equally the recognition that standards are different in England/Wales and Scotland, enables the STA to provide up-to-date information on regulatory compliance. Often misunderstood, the Approved Documents for England and Wales are not the regulation requirements. 

They are guidance documents to assist in achieving the requirement of The Building Regulation and in Scotland, the Scottish Building Standards are also guidance for compliance.

The STA routinely engages with the Governing bodies in England and Scotland in the development of regulations that may affect the market for structural timber.

Recently the Government’s commitment to Net Zero 2050 has identified that there is a requirement to reduce the energy consumed in domestic properties through a more energy-efficient construction methodology. To this end, the Government has set up Future Homes Hub (FHH) to address how homes of the future can reduce the impact of climate change. The STA is working closely with the FHH and has collaborated in the development and publishing of a guide to meeting the new regulation.

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