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Structural timber is the fastest growing
construction method in the UK


75% of self-builders use timber as their
primary method of construction


Timber is increasingly becoming the building
material of choice for private and social housing


CLT and glulam is the fastest growing
modern method of construction for retail applications

The STA is currently the country's leading timber organisation, which represents a wide membership of businesses and people involved in construction using engineered timber, from across the UK.

The STA leads the industry on quality, health & safety, education, technical knowledge and customer service. The STA's activities include seminars, factory tours, research, provision of information, networking, advocacy and discussion.

*** STA Strategy Conference ***

There is just one week to go to book your place at the STA  Strategy Conference taking place from 09.00am - 14.00pm on 01 November at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport.

This years event  will focus on five key areas; Growth, Risk, Fairness, Quality, and Productivity. The event will also include a keynote speech from Professor Noble Francis, internal updates from each committee and agreement of the key priorities for 2017.

Head to the events page for more information and to book your place.

Latest Projects...

Banyon Wharf - Wenlock Road

Banyon Wharf - Wenlock Road

Ten storey Regal Homes residential development, Banyan Wharf - situated within the London borough of Hackney - has taken cross laminated timber (CLT) to new heights. Set to take the title of the tallest cross laminated timber residential building in Europe, Banyan Wharf is home to 50 one, two and three bedroom apartments – all sold off plan, prior to completion together with 1,190 square metres of commercial units.

Hanham Hall - Case Study

Hanham Hall - Case Study

This groundbreaking project is the first site in the government’s Carbon Challenge initiative and is designed to test the Code for Sustainable Homes to its highest performance criteria – Code Level 6.  The Code for Sustainable Homes is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote higher standards of sustainable design above the current minimum standards set out by the building regulations.

Commonwealth Games - Case Study

Commonwealth Games - Case Study

The Athletes’ Village, situated in Dalmarnock at the heart of the Clyde Gateway urban redevelopment programme, represents a £150 million investment and is the most significant housing led regeneration initiative in the UK.

Technology:  Timber Frame Supplier:  CCG OSM Sector:  Commercial

Status: Completed

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