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  • CCG (OSM)
  • 2 Drumhead Road
  • Glasgow East Investment Park
  • Glasgow
  • Glasgow
  • G32 8EX
  • United Kingdom
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CCG OSM Ltd is the in-house off-site manufacturing division of the CCG Group, one of Scotland’s largest privately-owned construction and manufacturing companies.
Operational from one of the most advanced facilities in the UK, the company principally serves the CCG parent brand, whilst providing products to the external market, with the design, manufacture and supply of the iQ Timber System.
The iQ Timber System is an enhanced, closed panel wall solution that combines with floor or roof cassettes to support the construction of residential developments of any form and scale as well as care homes, nurseries and primary schools. It is manufactured across a 3-lane, semi-automated production line that helps facilitate optimisation of a building’s fabric by vastly reducing thermal bridging whilst assuring quality standards.
The CCG Group has been mainstream in the creation of timber systems for over a decade with combined manufacturing and construction expertise supporting the delivery of up to 2000 homes per year.
CCG believe in continuous improvement having recently researched and developed a new Fabric First-led building standard called the Net Zero Home. The CCG Net Zero Home is designed within Scottish Building Regulations under use of the Standard Assessment Procedure which quantifies the performance of a home in terms of energy use, CO2 emissions and cost. On this basis, to achieve Net Zero, the Dwelling Emission Rate requires to be less than or equal to zero, a target that has been proven across a suite of bespoke-designed, CCG house and flat types thanks to an innovative mix of timber and building service technologies.

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  • SMAS worksafe
  • ISO:14001 (1675)
  • ISO: 9001 (4519)