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Permavent Ltd

The demand for residential and commercial properties is on the rise in the UK. So too are the legislative and building requirements mandated to ensure the safety of both clients and contractors. These have resulted in many of the building practices from yesteryear now being outdated and obsolete.

Permavent has been at the forefront of innovation in the UK construction and roofing industry for over 15 years; proactively evolving We have a proven track record of proactively developing market leading products ahead of the everchanging landscape of building regulations. We pride ourselves on putting quality and safety at the heart of our innovation.

Permavent manufactures and supplies class leading ranges of:
– Fire safe class A rated membranes
– Air & Vapour permeable membranes
– Thermal enhancement membranes
– Low pitch roof solutions
– Flat Roof GRP solutions

Our ranges include our patented Easy Roof System; featuring the Easy Slate and Plain Easy solutions which allow for roofs to be safely pitched as low as 12 degrees. Our range of breathable roofing underlays include the APEX membrane; which is an air and vapour permeable with no requirement for additional ventilation providing exceptional condensation control. Safeshield, our fire safe class A rated membrane, our range of high-performance breathable membranes, air & vapour control layers sealing tapes with enhanced thermal benefits. A true first for building membranes in the UK.

Our highly experienced team of technical specification experts have a vast array of knowledge and are available to assist and consult with you on a number of airtight and weatherproofing solutions on even the most complex of construction projects. We are also happy to offer CPD seminars, U- Value calculations, technical advice on interstitial condensation control, roof space condensation, fire membranes and airtightness. Please get in touch for more information.

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