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PIVETEAUBOIS is the leading softwood sawmiller and creator of sustainable solutions for the construction industry in France. At 7.5 million m3 a year, France is Europe’s joint 4th biggest softwood producer with Austria.

PIVETEAUBOIS is a family-run business established 70 years ago with 3 production sites in France and Poland and a product output of 350,000m3. It has its own in-house design and R&D department and is committed to creating, manufacturing and delivering high quality, innovative and sustainable timber solutions.

Softwood Species
Pine, Douglas Fir, Larch and Spruce – all locally sourced and carefully selected.

Lamwood® for CLT, timber-frame, general construction, interior joinery sectors and glulam manufacturers:
– CLT panels 16m x 3.50m in Pine, Douglas Fir and Spruce
– Glulam beams up to 13m – GL24h. Cut to size and machining service. UC4 treated glulam beams available.
– Laminated and finger-jointed components – C24.
– Planed solid construction timber – C24.
All products are KD, planed and can be pressure impregnated.

Durapin® for exterior products treated up to CL4 for Pine and CL3 for Douglas Fir. Grey, brown and green impregnation is available.
– Wide range of cladding and decking products.
– Landscaping and garden structures: machined rounds, fencing, sleepers, pergolas, claustra panels, acoustic panels, trellises, garden buildings, swimming pools and more.
– Sound barriers, crash barriers, logs.

Wex®: extruded range made on site comprising two thirds wood fibre to a third polypropylene and 100% recyclable.
– decking, cladding, fencing available in a wide range of finishes and colours.

Pellets: wood pellets and densified wood logs manufactured from sawdust and wood chips from our sawmills.

PIVETEAUBOIS’s sustainable development strategy has given us a low carbon footprint.

Accreditations & Affiliations

  • PEFC
  • FSC
  • FCBA
  • CE Mark Product