STA contributes to the Future Homes Standard task group report


The Future Homes Standard continues to be seriously debated right now and rightly so. Recently, the STA consulted on a Task Group Report, issued by the Future Homes Hub called Ready for Zero, providing evidence as a timber frame expert.

Compiling many pieces of evidence and guidance from key stakeholders in the industry, the report is designed to inform policy at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) and guide business plans for the sector in preparation for the coming changes.

The Future Homes Standard, due to come into effect from 2025, is a set of guidelines that aims to reduce carbon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of new homes in the UK. It sets out minimum requirements for the construction of new homes and is designed to drive the industry towards zero-carbon housing by 2050.

Ultimately, the Future Homes Standard’s purpose is to improve energy efficiency that focuses on the entirety of the home, from the building fabric to the heating systems in order to deliver ‘zero carbon ready’ homes. The STA have provided comment and guidance from a building fabric perspective.

The published report is undoubtedly complicated throughout, with a lot of different information relating to several aspects of the building fabric. The first point to remember for companies is not to underestimate just how complex the proposed changes are. Partnering with an STA member will certainly ensure that any intricacies from the Future Homes Standard are considered from design stage through construction.

While difficult to predict at this point in time, there is an ongoing encouragement from the government for the increased use of structural timber in the construction of new homes, as this is the best opportunity to create more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The most important aspect of the Future Homes Standard is to ensure that each step contributes toward the reduction of both embodied and operational carbon on our journey toward net zero.

The STA will be closely monitoring the development of the Future Homes Standard and its impact on our members and for structural timber construction.

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