Police Treatment Centre

Support the wellbeing of the Police family

Project: Police Treatment Centre

Company: SIP Build

Sector: Health

Technology: SIPS


The Police Treatment Centre (PTC) in Harrogate is set up to support the wellbeing of the Police Family.

During recent years the need for expansion of services was required to meet demand and changes in modern police work. Work was commissioned to add two extensions to the rear of the centre, these new treatment wings were to house an additional; 20 patients, four counselling rooms, one surgery room, six therapy rooms and various new meeting rooms for staff.

The main building of the PTC opened in 1903 in the picturesque setting of Harrogate, this building with it’s historical architectural features required a minimal impact construction whilst remaining in keeping with current designs. The use of SIPs from SIP Build UK ensured that the client exacting criteria were met.

This ranged from high thermal performance wall with a long term low running cost to best practice offsite construction, ensuring speed of build on site whilst all potential issues that come from ‘traditional methods’ on site are eradicated.

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