The Cedar House – West Suffolk

Best Self Build Project

Project: The Cedar House

Company: Frame Technologies

Sector: Self  Build

Technology: Timber frame

Frame Technologies is thrilled that their timber frame property, The Cedar House, has been crowned ‘Best Self Build Project’ at the 2023 Build It Awards. The Cedar House won the coveted title after winning a public vote at a Gala Dinner in London in November. Going up against six other homes in various materials and styles, it’s clear that the homeowner’s dedication to sustainability captured self-builders’ imaginations across the country.

A true self-build project

The Cedar House is a perfect example of what a true self-build project can look like. Homeowner Suzanne and her brother John built the home together, using a supply-only package from Frame Technologies. The timber frame home system they opted for, Frame Technologies’ TechVantageTM , was critical for helping the project meet its sustainability goals. TechVantageTM is a super-insulated, breathable twin-frame panel system with 300mm-deep manual wool insulation that provides excellent insulation.

Understanding Suzanne and John’s desires to be as hands-on as possible, the timber frame supplier was brought on early into the project to ensure that this was feasible for the house-building duo. Frame Technologies’ close working relationship with COCOON Architects set the groundwork for Suzanne and John’s impressive home. As Matt from the architecture firm hadn’t worked with a twin frame panel system before, Frame Technologies’ MD Simon Orrells was on hand from the beginning of the process to assist with technical details and value engineer the build.

This also gave Suzanne and John the confidence to carry out the project, including erecting the complex frame. Impressed by the sibling’s dedication to the project, MD Simon Orrells says: “Suzanne and her brother were so practical, and they each took the different build stages completely in their stride.”

Stunning as well as strategic

While the home meets its low carbon objectives, it also has the wow-factor. This property is virtually invisible from the roadside, with the house revealing itself and its low eave lines to the east and north elevations. The vaulted kitchen, facilitated by a timber frame, opens upwards, while the staircase and roof height reveal the extent of the property’s outline. And, thanks to large panoramic windows, the outside world enters the main living area through fantastic views of the nature haven that Suzanne has created, complete with swift boxes and beehives.

The Cedar House looks every part the eco-home and is the ultimate sustainability property. During the winter months, the home has low carbon emissions and therefore reduced heating costs. Its 14,000 hand-nailed cedar shingles complete the home’s dynamic look and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Suffice to say, Suzanne and John have really thought of everything when it comes to this property.

All Image credits to Andy Stagg

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