Information about apprenticeships in the structural timber sector for employers.

Apprenticeships are a real asset for both employees and employers alike and the structural timber industry has some specific opportunities.

Employing an apprentice is a big step, but worth it. Apprentices are a vital investment in an organisation’s future and can help enhance productivity, improve business performance and support businesses to develop a committed and competent workforce. Every organisation needs to consider succession planning to maintain consistency of knowledge and experience.

You can employ apprentices at different levels, from school leavers and university graduates to those who want to further their careers or change career direction. Not only is the apprentice gaining from the experience, as an employer you are too. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship which helps the apprentice learn and develop new skills that directly improve your business.

What are the benefits of employing an apprentice?

  • Supports the development of a workforce with the skills to meet the needs of your business.
  • Allows existing employees to pass on their knowledge, skills, and experience with a new generation of employees.
  • Brings new ideas and potential improved ways of working into the organisation.
  • Provides you with a motivated and fast-developing workforce.

What apprenticeships are available?

Construction Assembly And Installation Operative – Pathway 2 – Timber Frame

This apprenticeship involves assembling and installing offsite manufactured components.

  • Installing and assembling manufactured components in a construction site environment
  • Interacting with team colleagues and other trades and professions
  • Working in accordance with the design specification and tolerances

Wood Product Manufacturing Operative

This apprenticeship involves manufacturing timber products for the construction and furniture industries.

  • Manufacturing and producing a wide range of products such as panels, roofing components, windows and doors
  • Working independently or as part of a larger manufacturing team
  • Working in anything from a small workshop to a large state of the art manufacturing facility

Carpentry And Joinery – Site Carpenter

This apprenticeship involves installing a range of fixtures and fitting, predominantly using timber and timber-based components and products.

  • Will normally work on a building site or in domestic and commercial premises
  • Preparing and fixing timber building components, from the initial erection of a new building through to the installation of all specified first and second fix fixtures and fittings
  • Carrying out a range of repair and maintenance activities to existing buildings

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Apprenticeship Funding

Dependent on the size of your business, government funding support or use of the apprenticeship levy may be available to cover the cost of training your apprentice.

For further information on funding an apprentice please visit: Understanding apprenticeship benefits and funding (

For general information on grants and funding click here


Go Construct

Go Construct provides resources for individuals considering a career in the construction and built environment sector. It highlights the many rewarding opportunities available and supports people from all backgrounds to enter an exciting and growing industry which has a huge impact on the UK’s housing, industry and infrastructure.

Talentview Construction

Talentview Construction is a dedicated free of charge online platform aimed at employers looking for new talent and individuals looking for opportunities to embark on a rewarding and exciting career in construction and associated industries. It is a great place to search for and find an apprenticeship. 

Skills Hub

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