Erectors & Installers

Since we have been experiencing some capacity and system issues with version two of the Timber Frame Competency Award Scheme (TFCAS), the decision has been taken to suspend TFCAS TESTING ONLY, pending review and relaunch during quarter two 2023.

During this suspension period, the STA will be happy to issue a letter of dispensation to STA erector member companies on request, where existing TFCAS certification has already expired, or may expire during the planned suspension period.

The suspension period has commenced and if you had a test booked you will have been notified of test cancellation.

We would encourage new entrants to download and utilise the TFCAS workbooks via the Members Area on the STA website to prepare for undertaking the new TFCAS assessment when launched. We would also encourage existing TFCAS certificate holders, via the Members Area, to download and read the Cavity Barrier Installer Training Manual.

If you have any queries, please email bob.davis@structuraltimber.co.uk