A community of members committed to the sustainable use of structural timber, backed by STA Assure, our unique quality assurance scheme.

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Company Description STA assure
G-frame Structures Ltd
Structural Building Contractor, Product Supply Chain, Fabricator, Erector/Installer, Designer, Consultant
G3 Consulting Engineers Ltd
Designer, Engineer
Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining
Service Supply Chain, Product Supply Chain, Designer, CPD Provider, Consultant, Advisor
Tapes/Sealants/Adhesives, Insulation, Floor Systems, Fixings & Fastenings, Fire Protection, Condensation Control, Cladding Solutions, Building Boards, Associated Products & Services
Warranty Provider, Service Supply Chain, Self Build, Insurer & Lender, Consultant, Advisor
Galliford Try Building South West
Galloway Fire Safety Services Ltd
Individual Consultant
Gardiner & Theobald LLP
Gartcarron Fire Engineering
Individual Consultant
Fire Protection
Gateway Building Control
Gibbs Timber Frame Ltd
Timber Frame, Roof Systems, Glulam, Floor Systems, Floor Cassettes
Gill & Robinson Ltd T/A Kullik Timber Terminal
Product Supply Chain
Associated Products & Services
Glasgow City Council
Governmental Bodies
Glenalmond Timber Co Ltd
Product Supply Chain
Fire Protection
Glidevale Protect
Product Supply Chain, Manufacturer, CPD Provider
Tapes/Sealants/Adhesives, Roof Systems, Insulation, Hybrid, Glulam, Floor Systems, Floor Cassettes, Condensation Control
Glosford Timber Solutions
Structural Building Contractor, Product Supply Chain, Processor, Manufacturer, Fabricator, Warranty Provider, Erector/Installer, Structural Engineer, Designer
Roof Systems, Offsite timber solutions, Glulam, SIPS, Timber Frame
Glulam Solutions
Structural Building Contractor, Product Supply Chain, Erector/Installer, Designer
Windows & Doors, Roof Systems, Hybrid, Floor Cassettes, Fixings & Fastenings
Graham James Carpentry Ltd
Grant Barker
Individual Consultant
Fire Protection
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
Governmental Bodies
Greenhat Consulting Ltd
Greenway Poole Ltd
Gresham House
Griffen Design Ltd.