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Why Use an STA Member?

As the largest UK trade association within the structural timber sector, there are a host of reasons why construction professionals and self builders should choose one of our members. The STA's mission is to enhance quality and drive product innovation through technical guidance and research, underpinned by a members' quality standard assessment – the STA Assure Membership and Quality Standards Scheme.

STA Assure
is designed to benefit both clients and members by promoting the differing accreditations and quality standards held by individual STA member companies. This scheme offers reassurances to the construction community that our members meet or even exceed current legislation and regulatory requirements.

We have established three levels of membership accreditation - Gold, Silver and Bronze. Offering complete transparency to new and existing clients, the accreditation highlights the differing levels of quality procedures, management systems and product performance standards, together with external accreditations held by STA members.

It is important to note that it is not always feasible, possible or necessary for a member to achieve a Gold level membership. Specific quality requirements differ for each type of member and customer activity depending on the nature of a company's business; therefore, a Bronze or Silver member may be the most appropriate company for your project requirement. 

The STA has reached a formal agreement with the NHBC, from January 2019 the NHBC will accept STA Assure Gold members as compliant with Chapter 6.2 of NHBC's assessment processes for timber structures without the need for further review or completing a HB2445 form.

STA Assure has also received formal recognition from six other the industry leading structural warranty and building control bodies including; LABC Warranty, Premier Guarantee, Protek Warranty, Build-Zone Warranty, Self-Build Zone Warranty and ABC+ Warranty for STA Assure Gold and Silver members.

A full and comprehensive Customer Guide to our Membership Standards is available here

Our members: 

•    Complete a quality standard assessment – the STA Assure Membership and Quality Standards Scheme
•    Operate to the Site Safe scheme – an initiative to ensure timber construction is both safe and sustainable
•    Receive regular updates on the latest building regulations and legislation
•    Have access to dedicated technical support service, advice notes and technical documents. View our full range of documents in the Library
•    Fully support sustainable construction and quality standards through adherence to our Code of Conduct

By providing transparency, credibility and accountability, the STA safeguards the interests of end users, enabling them to partner with a reputable firm that will harness the multitude of inherent benefits that structural timber frame offers.  

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Offsite manufactured structural timber systems have advanced greatly in recent years, and they can offer genuine cost, programme and performance assurances for self-builders – especially when backed by STA Assure.  

There is a wealth of information on the STA's website, from advice on timber systems to market reports and top building tips together with an online members enquiry system. For more information go to:

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